GeoEnv Engineers (GEE) was established in 1996 as a Civil Engineering, Geo-environmental, Cost/Construction Management, and Quality Control Inspection company to serve public agencies, developers, and A/E firms. The firm was established on the philosophy that “for each engineering problem there is a fresh and economical solution that can be developed through experience, innovation, and value management” Our approach is to work with each of our clients to understand their needs, identify technical requirements, prepare a roadmap to meet the project challenges, assign the right professionals, work closely and tirelessly until an innovative and economical solution is developed and properly implemented.

On this concept, GEE built its quality engineering consulting services in the areas of geotechnical, environmental, civil, cost control, and construction management services. We offer our clients the technical expertise, professional integrity, ethical approach, commitment, respect to schedule, and competitive rates necessary to successfully complete every project / task on time and within budget. Regardless of the project size and scope, we have the technical and management expertise necessary to provide responsive services throughout the project phases. Our emphasis on quality and innovation, have rewarded us with superior satisfaction from every client.

We believe that quality design and timely completion of tasks will result in cost saving and timely approval. Our staffs are among the most qualified in their fields. Each of our staff holds the academic credentials, technical skills, practical experience, professional registrations in their field of expertise, and fresh approach to problem resolution.

As a full service engineering firm, we are capable of taking projects from the inception through the construction phase. Our in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements and multi discipline capabilities allow us to guide the client throughout the project with the least interruptions.

We provide total solutions to meet client needs. We determine the best method for obtaining the results and adopt the procedures that will best achieve the results.

Our registered professional engineers, geo-environmental specialists, field inspectors, and cost/construction management staff are kept current with technical, regulatory, and legal developments to ensure that our clients receive fresh, practical, innovative, and cost-saving solutions.

We believe that the role of the engineering consultant is to guide the client through the process to ensure smooth completion of each task, to code, on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the client. With that, we believe in the role of technology to enhance and accelerate the attainment of the final results. Based on the project needs, we are committed to acquire and utilize the latest computerized systems to ensure that our clients are current with available technological advances.

We constantly invest in ourselves to provide our clients with the latest and most innovative technical approach. We use our technical expertise to transform complex problems into manageable ones.

GEE’s current projects include some of the most challenging engineering sites and field conditions. It is our philosophy that every project, regardless of size, is a priority from the inception and through completion. Each project team is carefully selected to ensure superior technical qualifications and smooth completion of tasks. We have an advanced computer support system that includes the latest versions of design, analysis, and cost management and estimating software applications.

GEE’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program is designed to ensure that the technical and presentation requirements are held to the highest standards. Our Conflict of Interest (COI) program is designed in conformance with FAR and other Federal and State Guidelines to ensure that potential conflicts are identified and addressed prior to the start of the project.

We understand the complexities of projects and manage our services in a way that serves our clients in the most effective and efficient means possible. Our computerized reporting system allows us to tailor our forms and meet client’s requirements while at the same time providing an “easy to read” format. Our project management techniques include project scheduling boards for identifying priorities, critical path, resources requirements, and tracking logs for field and laboratory activities.

Our technical staff works under the direct supervision of licensed engineering professionals. Our professional opinions are prepared by professionals licenced to practice in their respective areas of service. Constantly, we are continuing to develop and expand our operations to achieve the needs of our dynamic industry.