Civil / Site Developments

GEE provides technical and management support to agencies, developers and builders in preparing cost-effective solutions to development and construction projects. We believe that effective management of development projects start at the feasibility study phase and continue through the construction phase of any development project. We utilize our expertise in local and state regulations to forecast potential problems and issues that can impact the project. These include potential environmental constraints may limit the scope of the project. Our feasibility study is designed to give the government agencies and developer adequate information in order to make informed decision on the economic and/or technical feasibility of the project. If the preliminary study supports the project development, GEE will work closely with the CLIENT, either as management consultant or as the design engineer, to bring the project into reality. This includes preliminary, design development phases, and construction documents. Our Civil/Site Design Services include:

  • Feasibility Study/Site Selection
  • Sketch/Preliminary Plans
  • Review and Evaluations of the Environmental Constraints, including Flood Plain, Wetland, and RPA
  • Special Use/Special Exception Permit
  • Meeting with Reviewers to insure Approval of Concept Plans
  • Detailed Design and Construction Specifications
  • Permit Process
  • Phased Design Preparation
    • Grade Establishment
    • Record Plat
    • Phased Erosion & Sediment Control Plans
    • BMP Requirements
    • Storm Water Management
    • Tree Conservation
    • Final Grading & Paving
    • Water & Sewer Design
  • Technical Evaluation/Value Engineering
  • Reviews Construction Specifications & Schedule
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Construction Phase Services
  • As-built Drawings