Forensic Engineering

The efficient use of engineered materials is constantly increasing. Efficient use allows the reduction of both cost and weight without sacrificing strength, but the potential for material failure has not stopped. We no longer see the practice of significant over design. Rather, the safety margins are based upon the known physical characteristics of the materials. Failures continue despite improvements and the introduction of new materials. Problems such as corrosion, fatigue, abrasion, overloading, shear tension, and torsion is still occurring.

GEE provides the engineering and material analysis services necessary to determine the cause and source of materials’ failures. Our personnel have experience with a wide variety of materials failures including concrete, reinforcing and structural steel, masonry, asphalt, wood, paint, soils, and anchoring devices. Our staff can travel to the failure site to perform an initial testing and become familiar with the use of the material. In some instances this field visit will enable our engineers to determine probable causes for failure, and even provide suggestions for alternative materials or techniques designed to reduce or eliminate future failure. Expert testimony may be provided by our professional staff in cases of litigation involving failure analysis.