Pavement Evaluation & Design

GEE has performed several asphalt pavement evaluations for shopping centers, parking lots, and roadways. We have developed cost effective testing techniques to expedite the investigatory process, while collecting the necessary data to perform a complete evaluation. Typically, asphalt sections, soil samples, and subbase materials are sampled and tested. When samples are obtained, care is taken to assure accurate measurements and photographs are taken to document the existing conditions. With this data, our report is clear and concise, and allows the owner or contractor to clearly see the existing conditions. When a complete investigation and report are developed, the contractor prices are more accurate and costly extras may be avoided.

Additional Services

In addition to our core services, GEE can provide specialized engineering services in response of developed conditions. These include:

  • Foundation Repair and Underpinning Design
  • Segmental Wall Design
  • Marine Clay Failure Investigations and Repair Design
  • Settlement Monitoring and Remedial Design
  • Construction Materials Failure and Repair Design
  • Landfill Assessment
  • Professional Expert Witness Services