Selected Projects

Site Development Plans & Specifications
Two Multi-story Commercial Buildings
Pointe Business Center
Dumfries, Virginia

Project Management and Construction Quality Control Services
Multi-phased Residential Development Project
Strawberry Hill Subdivision
Bryan Road, Charles County, Maryland

Pavement Study and Evaluation
Eastgate Shopper World
Prince George’s County, Maryland

Site Characterization and Conditions Assessment
Bel Air Site Development Project
Prince William County, Virginia

Geotechnical Investigations & Slope Stability Analysis
Proposed Aggregate Silos and Retaining Walls
Precast Concrete Plant
Prince George’s County, Maryland

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment
RTC Fairfax Medical Center
Fairfax, Virginia

Phase I Environment Site Assessment
Fort Foote Forest Subdivision
Oxon Hill, Maryland

Subsurface Investigations & Geotechnical
Analysis and Cost Estimating Services
MTO Shamagoushi Center
Great Fall, Virginia

Feasibility Study
Proposed Residential Development
Lewis Park Subdivision
Fairfax County, Virginia

Water & Sewer Pipeline Design
Fort Foote Forest Subdivion
Oxon Hill, Maryland

Geotechnical Investigations &
Construction Inspection Services
The Henan Residence
Lewis Park Subdivision
Fairfax County, Virginia

Foundation Failure Investigations and Underpinning Design
2119 Rohde Island Ave
Washington, DC.

Geotechnical Investigations and
Corrective Action Recommendations
Pavement and Retaining Walls Failure
McLean, Virginia

Subsurface Investigations & Studies
Fort Foot Forest Subdivision
Oxon Hill, Maryland

Hydrogeologic Study & Landfill Liner Design
Sanitary/Debris Landfill Site
USACE’s Fort Belvoir Army Base
Fort Belvoir, Virginia

RCRA Facility Assessment
Dullas International Airport
Sterling, Virginia

Site Plan Design & Flood Study
Lewis Park Subdivision
Fairfax County, Virginia

Concrete Pavement Conditions Assessment
23rd. Street, SE
Arlington, Virginia

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Removal
Prince William County Public School Sites
Prince William County, Virginia.

Construction Management Services
Stormwater Management Pond
Fort Foote Forest Subdivision
Prince George’s County, Maryland

Influence on Existing WMATA Tunnel
9th & U Street
Washington, DC.

Feasibility Study/Site Characterization Report (SCR)
Discovered Municipal Solid Waste
Strawberry Subdivision
Charles County, Maryland

Pavement Investigation and Design
South Parking Area
Dulles International Airport (IAD)
Fairfax County, Maryland

Development of CD Plans and Specifications
N Street and Ridge Road Residential Project
Washington, DC