Telecommunication Technology

GEE is organized to provide the most cost effective and professional service our clients. Our primary goal is to provide a rapid response to clients needs. Because our Principals and Associates have unique and comprehensive background in Engineering and Environmental Services, we can provide immediate answers to your complex questions and special projects. Our field staff is well educated in their selected discipline, and many of them are cross trained. By cross training our field staff, one person may be able to handle a multi-disciplined project, thus saving time and money for the client.

GEE utilizes progressive methods of communication and computer applications. Each member of our management and technical staff is directly linked to each others, via modem, wireless, on-line service. At any time of the day or night, information may be obtained and transferred to provide the most efficient service to the client. Field reports are generated throughout the day from the field, sent immediately to the engineer via on-line service for review, and mailed to the client. If the client requests, GEE can send reports or information directly to the client via on-line service.

GEE Personnel can always be reached via cellular phone or pager. By calling our special computer line, you can choose whom you want to reach, and the method you need to reach them. The computer will automatically transfer you to our cellular phone, pager, or voice mail depending on the urgency of your call.