Value Engineering

GEE conducts Value Engineering (VE) studies on construction projects to develop creative alternatives for possible project improvements. The VE study is conducted by specialists, trained in the VE methodology and understand the entire design and construction process, to determine if budget dollars are spent efficiently, and to ensure that the functional requirements of the project are attained at the lowest life cycle cost.

The VE study is facilitated by a certified value specialist (CVS). The team follows the Society of American Value Engineer’s (SAVE) Five-Step VE Job Plan which is an organized approach that help experts analyze a design and understand the purpose and function of a facility. It also quickly identifies areas with high cost-to-value ratios, and provides a way to develop and select alternatives for project improvements.

During the VE workshop, the facilitator leads the team of experts through the VE Job Plan to help the owner get the most value for dollar in proposed design and construction. By combining knowledge of our multi-disciplined VE team members in the latest advances in design, engineering, construction materials and methods with the creative problem-solving techniques of the VE Job Plan, the team has been able to develop viable alternatives that stretch the project budget without compromising constructability, function, and quality.

In general, VE can be performed during various stages of planning, design and construction. The scope can be identified following discussion with the owner. Based on our experience with similar construction projects, we find it most beneficial in the early design phase, when alternatives can be easily included in decisions that would drive a project’s design, its construction, and its ultimate operation. For those projects that are in advanced stages of design the VE team can work with the owner and the design team to implement accepted improvement alternatives that minimize unnecessary redesign. For those projects that have been awarded, we can work with the contractor to identify shared savings. However, the earlier the team performs VE study on a project, the more potential exists for cost savings and project improvements.

On simple projects, involving fewer disciplines, we can work with the owner to design a reduced level of VE effort. This allows the client to improve on design and identify potential savings without incurring the expense of a full-blown VE workshop. Following the completion of the VE study and the preparation of the change proposals, we can work with the client through the implementation phase of the project.